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FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions

Are items that were submitted to SURF announcements automatically published in the UROH or are these resources run separately?

The UROH and SURF AOs are run separately. Faculty, if you have a project that is appropriate for both a SURF student and for students interested in credit or pay, please list the AO in both places.  Also, the UROH AO process is a great way to advertise non-summer opportunities.

I was wondering when this Handbook is going to be published.  That is, if I were to "advertise" in it, when might I expect to start getting replies?

In most cases AOs will be posted on-line within 48 hours of being submitted.

Can I include just my web page?

Our experience is that a full description of the research project in the AO is the best way to pique a student’s interest.  Please provide as much information (including your URL) as possible in the AO.

What’s the deal with work-study, paid research, and research for credit?

(a) Work-Study
Under federal work-study, a student who is eligible (has a work-study option in his or her financial aid package) can receive 75% of his or her wages from PAGE the aid package, with the remainder from the employer (the hiring lab) International students on the Caltech Work-Study program are paid 60% by Financial Aid and 40% by the hiring department. For more information on work study click here.

(b) Paid Research
Paid research operates under an arrangement similar to the hiring of any technician, with funds provided by employer (the hiring lab). Caltech has recommended salary ranges based upon a student’s class level and the nature of the work (technical or non-technical). The "Student Rate Range Guidelines" handout is available here and recommended rangesare adjusted each October.

(c) Research for Units?
Instead of pay, students receive academic credit for their research, usually as part of a senior thesis or similar project. For option-specific information, refer to the Caltech Catalog.

If I submit a UROH announcement, should I also submit an announcement to the SURF Office?

If you are interested in working with SURF students, then yes, you should also submit an AO to the SFP Office.

Should I also submit a form to the Career Development Center?

The Career Development Center posts for pay opportunities for students. You can also post your information with the CDC at www.career.caltech.edu

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